About Mundo Sonora 

Other languages: Dutch

Orchestre Partout, CMV Crescendo Drachten and De Lawei are presenting festive family concert with musicians from all over the world on 29 October: Mundo Sonora. The world sounds music! 
More than sixty musicians and singers present (love) songs from all over the world; sung in Frisian, Arabic and Farsi. From love songs to catchy dance music; this promises to be a festive afternoon with many unexpected music encounters. 
Music is a language that connects regardless of origin, culture and language. Based on this idea, Orchestre Partout, in collaboration with De Lawei, started a music workplace in 2022 in the refugee center in Drachten (AZC Noorderend). Musicians from all parts of the world rehearse there every week and work towards this special afternoon in De Lawei where different music worlds come together. 
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Get to know Orchestre Partout

Orcheste Partout combines music of all kinds into a diverse world repertoire. They organize weekly music lessons and rehearsals in Dutch refugee centers. Residents can participate in this music lessons to discover, develop and share their talent. The music workshop is a creative meeting place where everyone is welcome. Each music workplace has its own ensemble that performs in the region of the refugee centre. The repertoire that is played is determined by the participants, they can bring in their own songs. Orchestre Partout makes a simple arrangement for each song, so that all participants can play along. 
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Get to know Crescendo

CMV Crescendo Drachten is an allround Christian music association that enjoys making music. It is a music association for everyone who wants to develop musically. 
Crescendo is a harmony orchestra: an orchestra with woodwind instruments, brass instruments and percussion. They consist of three orchestras (A, B and C) playing at different levels: beginners (C orchestra), advanced (B orchestra), advanced (A orchestra). In addition, there is a student group that does not yet play in one of the orchestras. You can listen to the A-orchestra during the family concert on October 29.

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