All residents at The Trisken please accumulate

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De Lawei and the non-profit organisation Maatschappelijke Onderneming Smallingerland (M.O.S.) are calling on residents of the De Trisken neighbourhood to collect their waste.

We are going to build a cow

On Saturday the 10th of June between 12:00 and 17:00 you can bring old furniture to the bus loop near the Hanebalken in De Trisken. Together with the residents we will build a cow for the Simmerdeis festival from the collected waste. This artistic cow will be festively reveiled during the Simmerdeis festival.

Not just any waste, we are asking for items you can use to build a cow with.
We mean waste that you can use to make something, such as old furniture. Unfortunately, items such as old iron, rubble and electrical appliances cannot be handed in. At the end of the day, the waste that has been placed in the designated container, will be removed by the municipality.

Why a cow made of waste?
Litter is a major problem in De Trisken neighbourhood, which is why the M.O.S. and De Lawei thought is would be a good idea to pay attention to it with this neighboorhood project. The Simmerdeis mascot is a cow, so a cow will be built in De Trisken, in honour of Simme the Simmerdeis cow.

De Lawei moves into the District
De Lawei develops special neighborhood projects to transfer the culture from inside of the theater to the people in the neighborhood. With this cultural participation on location, the audience is seen and heard. Cultural participation connects, in this case the residents of De Trisken. This creates togetherness and improves the living conditions in the neighborhood. The build of this Trisken cow is the first neigborhood project of De Lawei. Many projects will follow after this first edition.

Building a cow for Simmerdeis
Date: Saturday, June 10th
Address: bus loop near the Hanebalken
Time: 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

This initiative came about thanks to the collaboration between M.O.S. and De Lawei.